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Notes: Developed by Guide Tom Loe of Crowley Lake, CA of Sierra Drifters. The Spruce-a-bou was designed to imitate baitfish that inhabit the Eastern Sierra, particularly sculpin and squawfish. Tom suggests using a moderate to full sink tip or a full sinking line within most of the Eastern Sierran streams with this fly. The fly is pulled along the bottom with erratic strips using a downstream sweep. Mend the line upstream to allow the fly to sink. Pull the fly upstream with 4-6" tugs along the bank or seam.

The flies are available at many fly shops such as: Crowley Lake Fish Camp, The Troutfitter, The Trout Fly, Malibu Fish N'Tackle, San Diego Fly Shop and StroudsTackle. The colors that Sierra Drifters have recommended are Ginger and Golden Olive.


Spruce-a-bou, Ginger
Spruce-a-bou, Ginger
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