Pine Flat Reservoir

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Reservoir Data, Pine Flat Reservoir
Pine Flat Reservoir

Suggested Flies for Pine Flat Lake:

Streamer Flies:
Mohair Leech #8-10
Woolly Bugger, Brown and Olive #6-8
Denny's Seal Bugger #8-10
J.Fair's Wiggle Tail #8-10

Bass Flies:
Popper #6-10
Burk's Aggravator #6-8
Hair Mouse #5
Clouser Swimming Nymph #6-8

Directions: From Fresno, take Highway 180 east 15 miles to Centerville. Take Trimmer Springs Road 8 miles to the lake. Trimmer will take you around the western and northern shores of the lake.

Pine Flat Lake (43,000 acres) is 21 miles long with 67 miles of shoreline at 961 feet elevation. The lake was created in 1954 by damming the Kings River. It averages 80-100 feet deep with the deepest area of 350 feet occurring at the dam. The lake fluctuates a great deal due to irrigation practices and it is mainly known for it's Spotted bass, largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, King Salmon, Kokanee Salmon, and rainbow trout. About 56,000 Rainbow trout are planted each year in the 10-12 inch range. There are holdovers that reach 15-18 inches. The lake record is 9 Lbs. 4 oz. Float tubing during late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring is your best bet for flyfishing when the trout are drawn close to shore following the Shad. Work the upstream inlet areas along the northern shoreline. The season if year-round.

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