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Pinecrest lake

Suggested Flies for Pinecrest Lake:
Western Sierra Hatch Selection

Other Local Favorites:

Streamer Flies:
Mohair Leech #8-10
Woolly Bugger, Brown and Olive #6-8
Denny's Seal Bugger #8-10
J.Fair's Wiggle Tail #8-10

Directions: Pinecrest Lake is located 25 miles east of Sonora off Highway 108, north of the towns of Sugar Pine and Sierra Village. It is at 5,600 feet.

Pinecrest Lake Pinecrest Lake (300 acres) is a popular recreation lake at 5,620 ft. elevation, used mainly by bait fishermen. The lake was formed by the construction of a rock-filled dam in 1916 over the South Fork of the Stanislaus River. It is regularly stocked with about 60,000 Rainbow Trout by Fish and Game, annually, in the 10-12 inch class. The season is year-round. There is good access for float tubers along the western and southern shorelines. During the Spring, the trout will work the southern shorelines. By early Summer, the trout will go deep, usually beyond the range of sinking lines, within the vicinity of the dam and the river inlet. However, Fall can be the best time to flyfish this water, since most of the vacationers have gone home, and the fish are once again feeding along the shoreline. During the Winter, the lake is drawn down substantially. There are a few browns and brookies that come up to the lake from the South Fork of the Stanislaus. There are also some resident catfish within the lake. The lake contains a marina and free boat launch facility. Over 300 campsites are available at Pinecrest and Meadowview Campgrounds. Most of the lake is accessed by hiking trails that circumference the 5 mile lake shore. A restaurant is located nearby as well as restrooms.

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