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Kings River

Suggested Flies for MF Kings:
West Sierra Hatch Selection

Other Local Favorites:

Dry Flies:
Parachute Adams #12
Elk Hair Caddis #14-16
St. Vrain Caddis
CDC Cripple #12-14
Kings River Caddis #12-16
Orange Stimulator #8-10

Nymph Flies:
Pheasant Tail Nymph #12-14
Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear #12-14
Bird's Nest #12-14
Copper John #12-14
Fox Poopah #12-14
Prince Nymph #12-14
Kaufmann Golden Stone #10-12

Directions: The Kings River can be reached from Fresno by way of Hwy 180. Highway 180 goes east to Big Stump Grove and then northeast to Boyden Cave . The Middle Fork can be accessed by trail from Yucca Point, dowstream of Boyden Cave.

Notes:Middle Fork Kings River There are over 800 miles of streams and 500 lakes within Kings Canyon National Park. Access is the major problem into the Middle Fork area since it sits in the deepest canyon within the United State at 8, 350 feet below Spanish Mountain. The Middle Fork consists of Rainbows and Browns, with Brookies in it's upper reaches. Take the trail to the river at Yucca Point off Highway 180, west of Boyden Cave. It is a 1.5 miles hike down to the river with a drop of 1230 feet to an elevation of 2200 feet. The Middle Fork starts here where the Southern Fork converges with it. Following the Middle Fork up to the convergence of Tombstone Creek is about 3.8 miles with a 900 feet gain. Wren Creek is at 5.2 miles and Silver Creek (elevation 3900 feet) is 6.2 miles from the start of the Middle Fork below Yucca Point. The outlet of Silver Creek into the Middle Fork Kings is within the Little Tehipite Valley, a valley about 1/2 mile long and 1/4 mile wide. Going upstream another 1.5 miles you reach the larger Tehipite Valley which also has the first trail access out of Rancheria or Crown Valley Trailheads. Tehipite Valley is about 1.5 miles long and 1/2 mile wide. It's elevation if 4100 feet. A large volume of water enters the river along the northern wall from Crown Creek, known as Silver Spray Falls.
From Tehipite Valley, the trail goes about 1 mile through the fairly level valley and then resumes a steeper ascent for about 2.5 miles up to Blue Canyon, which also has a spectacular waterfall. Lost Canyon is about 5.2 miles upstream from Tehipite Valley or about 12 miles from the start of the fork below Yucca Point. At the Lost Canyon convergence you are at 4,600 feet elevation. Alpine Creek is about 6.5 miles upstream from Tehipite Valley at 5,400 feet elevation.
Above Alpine Creek, the MF Kings goes through a broader valley for about 7 miles. The trail goes alongside the river with an exit trail at Horseshoe Creek. The Horseshoe Trail will get you over the 11,000 feet peaks into the SF Kings at Copper Creek, about a 16 mile trek. You are about 20 miles from Yucca Point at Horseshoe Creek retracing your footsteps.

From Rancheria or Crown Valley Trailhead, it is about 14 miles to Tehipite Valley on the MF Kings.
Sites to fish along the route include:Tehipite Valley
Rancheria Creek: Consists of Rainbows and Browns. Flow from the outlet of Spanish Lake to NF Kings River below Wishon Reservoir. About 5.5 miles of fishable water from 6,200 to 8,500 feet elevation.
Spanish Lake: About 4.5 miles from the Crown Valley Trailhead. The lake has Browns, Rainbows, and Brookies. Elevation is 8,500 feet.
Geraldine Lakes: Two lakes at 8,700 and 9,200 feet make up the headwaters of Rodgers Creek. They consist of Rainbows and Brookies. About 6.75 miles from the trailhead.
Rodgers Creek: Consists of Rainbows and Browns. About 6 miles from the trailhead. The trail follows the creek for about 4 miles before heading south below the creek to gain access to the Middle Fork Kings below Silver Spray Falls.
Scepter Creek: Consists of Rainbows and Browns. About 9 miles from the trailhead at 7,900 feet. Follow the creek about 4 miles upstream to its headwaters at Scepter Lake at 9,630 feet.
Crown Creek: Consists of Rainbows, Browns, and Brookies. About 9.5 miles from the trailhead taking either an upper of lower trail out of Crown Valley. The creek has about 8 miles of fishable water from 6500 to 10,000 feet. The brookies will be in the higher elevations.

Just north of the Crown Valley Trailhead, is the Woodchuck Trailhead near Wishon Reservoir. This trail will get you into the Woodchuck Country but also provides access into the headwaters of the NF Kings and the high elevation lakes above Crown Creek.
Sites to fish include:
Chimney Lake: Consists of Rainbows at an elevation of 9,500 feet. About 5.75 miles from the trailhead.
Marsh Lake: Consists of Rainbows and Brookies at 9,500 feet. About 6.2 miles from the trailhead.
Woodchuck Lake: Consists of Goldens at 9,900 feet. About 7 miles from the trailhead.
Crown Lake: Consists of Rainbows at 9,750 feet. Not the headwaters of Crown Creek but actually Scepter Creek. About 8.5 miles from the trailhead.
Halfmoon Lake: Consists of Rainbows and Brookies at 9,400 feet. About 8.75 miles from the trailhead.
North Fork Kings River: Consists of Rainbows and Goldens. About 11 miles from the trailhead to Maxson Meadow. A trail follows about 8 miles of the stream up to the headwaters at Midway Lake (elevation 10,600 feet). The Goldens will be above Maxson Meadow.
Pearl Lake: Consists of Rainbows. About 16 miles from the trailhead at 10,600 feet elevation.
Chapel Lake: Consists of Goldens. About 16.3 miles from trailhead at 10,700 feet.
Cathedral Lake: Consists of Rainbows. About 16.75 miles from the trailhead at 10,700 feet.

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