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Lundy Lake

Suggested Flies for Lundy Lakes area:
Eastern Sierra Hatch Selection

Other Local Favorites:

Stillwater Flies:
Woolly Bugger #8-10
Krystal Buggers #8-10
Clouser Minnow (Black/Silver/blue) #6-8
Matuku #6-10

Prince Nymph
Hare's Ear Nymph

Olive Caddis
Parachute Adams

Directions:Take Lundy Lake Road 4 miles from Hwy 395. The turnoff is about 7 miles north of Lee Vining.

Lundy Lake (ele. 7,800') is home to some very large Brown Trout and is stocked with about 26,000 Rainbows each season. Most of the large browns are caught in the Spring after "Ice-out". The lake covers 100 acres and is 1 mile long and 1/2 mile wide. The lake is nestled within a steep canyon and was originally formed by glacial debris.The lake was named for William Lundy who harvested timber within the canyon in the 1880's. In 1910 a rock-filled dam was created greatly enlarging the lake. Many of the stocked Rainbows holdover the following season in the 16-18" class. The lake record is 13 Lbs. 12 oz. The best areas to float tube are the shallower waters around the inlet and the launch area. The lake is known for strong winds during the afternoon, so morning is the best time to flyfish. The season is the last Saturday of April to November 15th.
Mill Creek offers good flyfishing opportunities using both nymphs and drys. The DFG plants about 2700 rainbows within the 3 mile section of the creek below Mill Creek Campground. This section is also heavily shaded with Pines and Aspens. Try the section above Lundy Lake. A trailhead exists at the dam which takes you for about a 2 hour hike up a very steep, strenous trail to some upper lakes in the Lake Canyon area. There are four lakes in this area: Oneida Lake at 9,656' is the largest lake (29 acres) containing Brookies. Crystal Lake has Brookies and Rainbows. Blue Lake has Brookies. At Lundy Lake Resort is the trailhead to the 20 Lakes Basin area.

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