Leavitt Lake

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Leavitt Lake

Suggested Flies :
Eastern Sierra Hatch Selection

Streamer Flies:
Woolly Bugger #6-8
Marabou Muddler #6-8
Matuku #6-10

Hare's Ear Nymph #12-14
Pheasant Tail Nymph #12-14
Bird Nest #12-14
A.P. Nymph #12-14
Golden Stone Nymph #4-8

Olive Caddis #12-16
Yellow Humpy #14-16
Royal Wulff #12-14
Chernobyl Ant #12-14
Madam X #12-14

Directions:Take Hwy 108 from Hwy 395 about 10 miles. Turn left on a dirt road with a small sign to the lake. The dirt road is open to all vehicles but a 4-WD is recommended. The lake is about 3 miles from the Highway.

Leavitt Lake (ele. 9,500') covers about 58 acres and contains both Kamloops and Brookies. Fishing is good from either the west or eastern banks. The lake can be iced over until early July. The lake is deep but there are shallower areas at the inlet near the parking area. About 2/3's the way around the western shore of the lake, left of the inlet, is an underground spring which provides some excellent fishing opportunities. The brookies tend to be close to shore and can be sight cast to with nymphs, such as Copper Johns or Flashback Pheasant Tails. Most of the fish average about 10 inches. Nearby Koenig Lake (7 acres), Latopie and Ski Lake can be reached by trail. Koenig and Latopie are fishless while Ski Lake has pure Goldens.

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