Tying Instructions: Woolly Worm

1. Attach the thread to the hook shank behind the eye and lay a thread base to the bend of the hook.
Step One
2. Attach the tail. Usually this is a piece of red yarn which extends about half the gape past the bend. Secure the yarn to the top of the shank for the full length of the shank. On the original, Martinez used Grizzly fibers. Secure the butt ends to the top of the shank and return the thread to the bend of the hook..
Step Two
3. Attach a piece of chennille at the bend of the hook by the inner core thread.
Step Three
4. Attach a saddle hackle by the butt just in front of the chennile with the dull side of the hackle facing forward. The hackle should be one size less than the hook since it will be palmered over the body.
Step Four
5. Wrap the chenille forward to just behind the eye. Make sure to give a full wrap of chenille behind the hackle before proceeeding forward. Tie down. Step Five
6. Wrap the hackle forward, palmer style, taking care not to catch the hackle fibers. Note how the fibers go forward. Secure with thread wraps and cut off the tag. Whip Finish.
Step Six

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