Tying Instructions: San Juan Worm

1. Attach the thread about one eye length behind the eye.
Step One
2. Lay a thread foundation to the middle of the bend on the hook.
Step Two
3. Tie in a 2 inch length of vernille or ultra chenille at the rear of the hook. Make sure it is about one inch past the hook to imitate the end of an aquatic worm.
Step Three
4. Move thread forward and pull the body material over the top of the hook. Secure the body material at the middle of the shank and wrap the thread to just behind the eye.
Step Four
5. Pull the chenille over the top of the shank and secure with thread wraps just behind the eye. Apply some half hitches to secure the thread and trim.
Step Five
6. Burn the ends of the chenille by bringing the flame close by. You want to sear the ends to a point without leaving any black soot marks.
Step Six
7. The Finished San Juan Worm.
Step Seven

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