Tying Instructions: Sheep Creek Special

1. Attach the thread around the mid-shank and wrap to the bend of the hook.
Step One
2. Select a Brown Hackle in which the fibers will just exceed the hook gap. Fold the hackle so that the fibers will flow back towards the rear and attach the hackle to the bend of the hook. The standard tail tie-in position.
Step Two
3.Wrap the hackle two turns and anchor with a few thread wraps.
Step Three
4. Trim off the hackle butts and give a few thread wraps to cover the butt ends. Now attach the chennille by removing the fuzz and exposing the threaded core. Attach the thread core just in front of the hackles.
Step Four
5. Wrap the chennille forward with tight wraps to about one eye length behind the eye. Trim the tag and secure with thread wraps. Step Five
6. Select two sections of mallard flank of 6-6 fibers each and attach trude-style over the body by securing the mallard flank just in front of the body with the curve going downwards over the body. The wing should not extend beyond the bend of the hook. Step Six
7. Clip the wing tags and wrap a threaded head. Whip Finish. Step Seven

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