Tying Instructions: Scud

1. Attach a section of Antron for the tail and antennae. The antennae will be trimmed so that it extends about one eyelength beyond the eye. The tail should be trimmed so that it does not extend much beyond the hook bend.
Step One
2. Tie-in a strip of Scud Back. The width of the material should be trimmed so that it just folds over the sides when pulled over the body. Also attach a piece of monofilament that will be used as ribbing. The materials should be secured to the rear tie-down position of the tail.
Step Two
3. Also attach several pieces of Flashabou at the tail tie-in position.
Step Three
4. Dub the body forward using a dubbing loop with a blended mix of Haretron and Angora Goat dubbing. The dubbing should be somewhat loose and bulked up near the head area.
Step Four
5.Bring the Flashabou strips forward, separate the strands and tie-off near the head.Step Five
6.Pull the Scud Back over the body the secure with a couple of thread wraps near the head.Step Six
7.Wind the monofilament ribbing with about 6 wraps forward to the head. Secure and trim.Step Seven
8.Whip Finish. Trim the legs to shape as well as the antron antennae and tail. Pick-out additional dubbing for legs if necessary.Step Eight

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