Tying Instructions: Prince Nymph

1) Tie in thread and wrap to the bend of the hook at the tail tie-in position. Attach the biot tails curved out. The length of the tail should be 1/2 the hook length
Step One
2) Tie in the tinsel rib on the backside of the shank and attach four strands of Peacock Herl at the tail tie-in position.
Step Two
3) Twist some dubbing around the thread and secure the dubbing to the shank with a single wrap, then wrap the dubbing around the thread more to get a tight rope of dubbing.
Step Three
4) Dub forward to about one eyelength behind the eye and then back to the tail tie-in position.
Step Four
5) Twist the four strands around the thread to form a dubbing rope of the herls.
Step Five
6) Wrap the herl rope forward to an eyelength behind the eye.
Step Six
7) Counter wrap the tinsel in open spirals. Tie off and trim. Then attach a partridge hackle below the shank behind the eye and adjust the length so that the fibers just meet the hook point.
Step Seven
8) Secure the hackle with additional thread wraps and trim the butt.
Step Eight
9) Place two white biots flat against the body with the tips curved down. Cross the biots in an "X" at the point where they will be tied in. The length of the wings should be from the collar to the base of the tail. The width of the biot wing points should be just a little wider than the body.
Step Nine

10) Clip the butts of the wing biots and form a small head. Whip Finish and apply head cement.
Step Ten

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