Tying Instructions: Quilled Parachute, BWO

1. Select about 6-8 stiff hackles. The length should be slightly longer than the hook shank. Attach the tailing fibers at the bend of the hook and wrap the tag ends to about two eye lengths behind the eye. Trim the tags and wrap over.
Step One
2. Select a 1/4 inch section of Turkey T-Base for the wingpost. Keeping the tips aligned , roll the segment and position the tie-down at the area in front of where you trimmed the tailing butts. AK likes to hold the segment at a 45 degree downward angle in front of the shank. With 2 soft thread loops, the bundle will position itself on top of the shank upon tightening the thread.
Step Two
3. Trim the butt ends of the T-Base and wrap to cover the clipped butts. Try to wrap an even taper.
Step Three
4. Lift the wingpost tips and wrap 7-8 turns against the front of the wingpost to hold the wingpost upright. Wrap 3-4 times around the base of the wingpost to give support to the hackle.
Step Four
5. Select a hackle stem and clip the guill where the diameter of the quill is about the same as the diameter of the shank. This clipped tip is then attached to the top of the hook shank and wrapped to the tail tie-off position. Step Five
6. Wrap the quill forward. At the wingpost bring the quill underneath and tie-off the quill in front of the wingpost. Clip the butt and wrap over.
Step Six
7. Select a stiff Dun Hackle about one size larger than the hook size. Clip three hook-eye lenths of fibers from the stem shiny-side up. This helps keep the fibers from twisting the hackle. Tie the butt end in front of the wingpost nearest you. Also put a couple of wraps around the base of the wingpost to anchor the hackle to the wingpost.
Step Seven
8. Wrap the hackle 4-5 turns around the wingpost proceeding in a downwards direction. Bring the hackle tip over the hook eye and underneath the thread. Bringing the thread over the hackle tip will lock the hackle into place.
Step Eight
9. Wrap the thread around the hackle tip two more times before trimming the tip. Lift the hackles from above the hook eye and wrap to further secure and cover the hackle tip. Whip finish. Apply some head cement at the head and also at the base of the wingpost.
Step Nine

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