Tying Instructions: Milt's Para Hex

1. Tie in two stripped Yellow Dyed Saddle Quills for tail , with a length equivalent to 1 1/2 x's the hook shank.
Step One
2. Select a small batch of Yellow Deer Hair and even the tips in a stacker. Tie in a Yellow Deer Hair Wingpost at about 1/3 position on the hook shank. The length of the wingpost should equal the shank length.from the eye.
Step Two
3. Trim the butts with multiple cuts for a taper. Secure with tight wraps and apply head cement to the wraps to hold.
Step Three
4. With thread wraps lift the wing post to a vertical position. Wrap some threads in front of the wingpost to help stabilize. Also apply a number of wraps around the base of the wingpost bring the fibers together as a bundle. Do not overtighten these wraps as splaying will occur.
Step Four
5. Clip a bundle of Elk Flank Hair and even the tips in a stacker. Secure the base of the bundle in front of the wingpost and wrap up to eye. There may be some short hairs which will not be secured, just remove those from the bundle. The length of the hairs need to go the length of the shank and about another 1/2 shank length as an extension. Step Five
6. Bring the hairs back evenly and secure with 4-5 wraps just in front of the wing post.
Step Six
7.Bring the remaining hairs back along the hook shank and tie with widely-spaced spiral wraps. At the hook bend, bring the hairs up along the two stripped quills about 1/3 the length of the quills. Again, use your spiral wraps and return the spiral wraps back to the wingpost.
Step Seven
8. Attach a Yellow Dyed Saddle Hackle to the wingpost by the butt and make 3-4 wraps. Tie down and trim the tip.
Step Eight
9. Whip finish and trim the remaining tail hairs that extend beyond your tail wraps.
Step Nine

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