Tying Instructions: Hair Mouse

1. Cut a 3" strip of chamois for the tail or use a leather shoe lace. Trim a point on the end and attach it to the bend of the hook with thread wraps. A drop of Super glue on the thread wraps will help hold it.
Step One
2. Clip a small bunch of deer hair and remove the fuzz with a comb. Stack the hair over the tail tie-in position and trim off the butts. Secure with thread wraps.
Step Two
3. Repeat this process of stacking small bunches of hair mainly concentrating the hair to the top and sides of the shank up to the midpoint of the shank. Apply a lst stacked bunch below the shank to help cover the thread wraps from showing below. Trim the butts each time and secure with thread wraps.
Step Three
4. Now clip another small bunch of hair and place the tips facing the rear over the other stacked hair. Loop the thread around the bunch and bring the thread over the shank once, applying tension to spin the hair around the shank. Secure with a couple of addtional wraps.
Step Four
5. Trim a set of mouse ears from a piece of chamois and attach the piece on top of the spun hair bunch with some figure eight wraps. Step Five
6. Compress the hair butts with a hair packer and attach the mono eyes just in front of the hair with some figure eight wraps.Another drop of Super Glue helps. Step Six
7. Clip another bunch of deer hair but trim off the tips. Loop the thread wround the middle of the bunch and bring the thread over the shank to spin it once again. Using your fingers, push the hair back towards the rear and apply a couple of thread wraps to the front of the hair. Compress with a hair stacker. Step Seven
8. Spin several more bunches of deer hair in front of the ears all the way to the eye of the hook. Step Eight
9. Whip finish and trim the thread. Use a razor blade to trim the hair flat on the bottom of the hook. Step Nine
10. Shape the head and trim up the sides of the body a little with your scissors. Reattach the thread and tie in some whiskers. Whip Finish and trim the thread. Step Ten

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