Tying Instructions: Milt's Pond Smelt

1. Tie in Grey Marabou Tail. The tail extension should be about one hook gap. Do not clip the tag.
Step One
2. Wrap the rest of the marabou up the shank for a foundation to the closed cell foam. Wrap the marabou with thread wraps to secure.
Step Two
3. Bring a piece of Closed Cell Foam around the shank and secure with thread wraps. Make sure that the ends of the the foam are securely fastened.
Step Three
4. Slip a piece of Mylar Piping around the shank and secure the end of the piping at the tail tie in position. Give a couple of half hitches and a Whip Finish prior to severing the thread.
Step Four
5. Reattach the thread to the Mylar Piping just behind the eye. Pull the Piping to take out any sags prior to tightening the thread.
Step Five
6. Tie off, whip finish and apply head cement.
Step Six
7. Attach holographic eyes and color the Piping with Olive green on the top. Milt also likes to put a red mark behind the eye for a gill. Apply some head cement or light epoxy over the eye to securely fasten.
Step Seven

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