Tying Instructions: Gray's Stillborn Hexagenia

1.Flatten down the barb with your hemostats and attach the hook to the vise.
Step One
2. Attach the thread to the hook just behind the eye and lay a thread base to the bend of the hook.
Step Two
3. Select three Ostrich Herls with their tips even. Measure the tips for length, they should be about the same as the shank length. Step Three
4. Attach at the bend of the hook to the top of the shank. Step Four
5.Split the three herls with thread wraps so that the outer two herls point outwards.Step Five
6. Secure the tag ends of the herls along the top of the shank to just about the midpoint of the shank.
Step Six
7. Bend the herl tags back towards the tails and wrap to the the tail tie-in position. Attach a piece of Medium Gold Wire to the top of the shank from the tail tie-in position to a 1/4 inch behind the eye. Secure with thread wraps and leave the bobbin behind the eye.
Step Seven
8. Wrap the three herl tag ends forward to about 1/4 inch beind the eye. Secure with thread wraps. Step Eight
9. Wrap the wire ribbing forward through the ostrich herl with evenly spaced turns. Secure the ribbing about 1/4 inch behind the eye and wrap with thread. Use heavy scissors to trim the wire.Step Nine
10.Clip a segment of Elk Hair. Remove the underfur with a comb and even the tips in a stacker. Secure the hair by the butts in front of the abdomen.

Step Ten
11. Next, secure a strand of Long shuck by the thread core to the hook shank in front of the abdomen.
Step Eleven
12. Wrap about 6-7 times in front of the abdomen. Secure the tag end about one eye length behind the eye with thread wraps and trim off the tag end. Step Twelve
13. Bring the Elk Hair over the thorax and secure with thread wraps behind the eye of the hook.
Step Thirteen
14. Lift up the tips of the Elk Hair and apply a few thread wraps up against the base of the hair behind the eye of the hook.
Step Fourteen
15. Trim the tips so that they are even with the eye of the hook and apply a whip finish. Apply some head cement to the thread wraps.
Step Fifteen
16. The finished fly.
Step Sixteen