Tying Instructions: Floating Nymph
1. Attach the thread and create a small bump at the tail tie-in location directly above the hook barb.
Step One
2. Tie in dun hackles for tail, 10-12 strands (5-6 strands for size 20 or smaller), with a length equivalent to the hook shank. Bring the thread tightly up against the bump to splay the tail fibers. Wrap the butt ends up to the midpoint of the shank and trim the excess.
Step Two
3. Attach Olive-colored wire for ribbing below the shank and secure with wraps to the base of the tail
Step Three
4. Dub body with Blue Wing Olive Superfine, taper the body to approximately 80% of hook shank length.

Step Four
5. Wrap the ribbing forward with 5-6 spiral wraps and secure with thread wraps just in front of the body. Step Five
6. Attach Light Gray Superfine to the thread. Twist the dubbing around the thread keeping the mass close to the shank.
Step Six
7. Compress the dubbing towards the shank with your fingers and rewind the thread slack, keeping the bobbin close to the dubbing. Step Seven
8.When the dubbing gets tight enough to twist the thread, twist the dubbed thread even more with your finger and thumb, then hold the dubbed ball with your finger and thumb and bring the thread around the shank directly in front of the dubbed ball and secure with 2-3 additional wraps. The extra twists you add will cause the dubbed thread to wind upon itself. Place a few wraps around the base of the dubbed ball.
Step Eight
9. Add a clump of 15-20 hackle fibers to each side of the nymph for legs. Even the tips in a stacker and secure with one thread wrap just in front of the dubbed ball. Adjust the length so that they do not extend beyond the end of the body and secure with additional thread wraps..
Step Nine
10. Finish the thorax by dubbing Blue Wing Olive Superfine. Make sure to bring the dubbing up tightly against the body so that there is no gap between the thorax and the body. Tie off and whip finish .
Step Ten

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