Tying Instructions: Elk Hair Caddis

1. Tie in a piece of gold wire at the point where the shank bends and leave out of the way.
Step One
2. Apply a dubbed body. The body should be thicker at the end of the shank and taper to a point just behind the eye.
Step Two
3. Attach a hackle by it's butt end. The hackle should be sized so that the fibers extend just beyond the hook point.
Step Three
4. Wrap the hackle palmer style back to the end of the body. Take two wraps of the ribbing wire around the hackle tag and snap the hackle off.
Step Four
5. Continue to spiral wrap the ribbing forward taking care not to trap the hackle fibers. Anchor the ribbing with thread wraps about an eye length behind the eye. Some will trim the hackle fibers on top of the shank to get the Elk Hairs to ride lower to the fly. Step Five
6. Cut a small clump of elk hair and stack it so that the tips are even. The length of the wing should be at the hook bend. This gives the silouette of the enclosing wings that Caddis are recognized for. Positioning the hair clump in the proper location give a loose wrap to bring the hairs together into a tight bundle. You want the bundle to sit on top of the shank. Then give two more wraps each tighter. Lift up on the hair butts, keeping thread tension, and bring 2-3 wraps under the hair butts behind the eye. This helps lift the butts which you will trim above the eye. Add a wrap within the middle of the trimmed hair butts and finish securing with 6 more tight wraps around bundle and the shank. Whip Finish and cement.
Step Six

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