Tying Instructions: Don's Red-Eyed Wiggle Butt Damsel
1. Place a wide gape short shank hook in vise. Apply a thread base from the eye to the shank just above the hook point.
Step One
2. Tie in a clump of marabou fibers clipped from the side of a marabou quill, about 1/2 inch of material along the quill.
Step Two
3. Burn a piece of Amnesia line for mono-eyes and attach just behind the eye of the hook with figure eight wraps.
Step Three
4. Tightly dub a body of beaver dubbing matching the color of the marabou to just behind the eye.
Step Four
5. Attach a tan scud-back wingcase just behind the eye. Clip a point on the scud back material to secure with the thread.
Step Five
6. Blend some Ice Dubbing with the Body dubbing and softly dub a thorax behind the eyes and over the eyes. Leave room behind the hook eye.
Step Six
7. Pull the wingcase over the thorax and tie down behind the mono-eyes. Attach some Partridge fibers for legs on either side of the thorax. Anchor the fibers in front of the mono-eyes.
Step Seven
8. Bring the wingcase over the mono-eyes and tie off. Whip Finish.
Step Eight
9. Cut a piece of thread 3-4 inches long and create an overhand half hitch. Slip the hitch over the marabou tail and tighten the hitch about 1/2 body length behind the hook bend. Apply a second half hitch and secure the wrap with a drop of head cement.
Step Nine
10. Pinch off the tail fibers to the desired length.
Step Ten

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