Tying Instructions: Double Bunny
1. Slide a cone head up to the hook eye. Wrap a number of lead-free wire wraps arouind the hook shank and slide the wire wraps up against the inside of the cone head. Secure the thread behind the wire wraps and wrap the wire to secure. Apply some Super Glue to the wire and thread.
Step One
2. Double Bunnys are best made of Magnum strips which are 3/16" wide. Zonker strips are slightly smaller at 1/8" wide and will usually require a dubbed body to hide the lead wraps. Here I've selected a Gray Zonker strip on the botteom and an Olive Magnum Strip for the top. The length should be about 1 1/2 x the length of the shank. Trim a point at the end of the strip where the fur flows toward the rear of the strip. Also, prepare the lower strip by poking a hole through the hide about halk the shank length distance.
Step Two
3. Bring the hook point through the lower strip hide that was poked. Since this is a Zonker strip, we'll apply some dubbing to hide the hook
Step Three
4. The dubbing should be something like Lite Bright, Ice Dubbing etc. I'm using Flashabou Dubbing in Gun Metal Gray.
Step Four
5. Wrap the front half of the hook shank with the dubbing.
Step Five
6. Bring the lower strip point under the hook shank and insert it into the conehead. A bodkin will help push the material up into the cone head. Apply 5-6 tight wraps just behind the conehead to secure the hide point to the hook shank.
Step Six
7. Attach the top strip in the same manner with the hide point well positioned inside the conehead at the top of the shank.
Step Seven
8. Separate the two strips and apply a contact cement to the surfaces of the clean hide and also the top of the dubbing. I'm using Tear Mender which is a latex adhesive. Try using a small tubing for an applicator. You can dip it into the mixture and regulate the flow with your finger on the end of the tubing. Take care not to get any adhesive on the fur itself.
Step Eight
9. Once the adhesive is applied, bring the two strips together and secure with some frim pressure on the two strips.
Step Nine
10. Attach three strips each of the Silver Krystal Flash and the the Pearl Flashabou. This gives a nice lateral line effect to the Double Bunny as a baitfish.
Step Ten
11. Now apply the stick on eyes and apply a small amount of Super Glue to the eyes to secure. Whip Finish. You can trim the hide behind the end of the hook to taper the hide into a thinner piece. Take care with this step by trimming just a small portion at a time. This will create more movement to the fly.
Step Eleven

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