Tying Instructions: CDC Baetis Dun
1. Attach the thread behind the eye and lay a thread foundation to the bend of the hook.
Step One
2. At the bend of the hook, create a small bump of thread to help splay the tail fibers. Select 4-5 tailing fibers with the tips even and secure just in front of the bump with two thread wraps. Pull the tag ends until the tail length is equal to the shank length. Step Two
3. Place your thumbnail under the tailing fibers to splay them, then secure with 3-4 tight wraps just in front of the bump.
Step Three
4. Wrap the thread forward securing all of the tag end up to the thorax position. Trim off the reamaining tag ends.
Step Four
5. Wrap back to the tail and dub a small amount of Super Fine dubbing around the thread. Wrap the dubbed thread around the shank once to secure the fibers to the shank, then twist the dubbing around the thread to tighten the material. Step Five
6. Wrap the dubbing forward into a tapered body, stopping at the 3/4 position where the thorax will be. Step Six
7. Select two plumes of CDC with the tips even. Place the plumes on top of the hook shank and secure with two thread wraps at the 3/4 position.
Step Seven
8. Grasp the tag ends of the two CDC Plumes and pull the material until the tips are about one shank length long. Then secure with a couple of tight thread wraps. Step Eight
9. Wrap the thread in front and behind the CDC to lift the material into a vertical position. Step Nine
10. Trim the rear tag end at a slant cut where the inner fibers are almost as long as the front section, Step Ten
11. Secure some additional dubbing to the thread for a thorax. Step Eleven
12. Wrapping the dubbed thread in a figure eight around the CDC plumes will lift the material into a vertical position. Wrap a small thread head and whip finish. Step Twelve

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