Tying Instructions: Bubbleback Emerger, PMD

1. Place a bead onto the hook and attach the hook to the vise. Attach the thread about 2 bead widths behind the eye.
Step One
2. Lay a thread foundation to the bend of the hook, where the tail will be tied. On a curved hook, this can be a subjective decision. Keep in mind to not crowd your hook gap.

Step Two
3. Reorient the hook in the vise so that you can more easily attach the ribbing materials at the tail tie-in position. The copper wire and Krystalflash should be secured to the bottom part of the hook shank.
Step Three
4. Starting about two bead widths behind the eye, dub the thread with the Quick Descent dubbing. This material twists onto the thread very easily. You do not need very much and don't worry about the length of the fibers, it'll twist fine.
Step Four
5. Dub an abdomen and remove the excess material. Let it stream behind the tail tie-in postion somewhat. Trim the excess as desired.
Step Five
6. Attach 8-10 Pheasant Tail fibers to the tail tie-in position. The tail length should equal the shank length you established with your thread foundation. Attach the butt ends of the fibers to the top of the abdomen with 4-5 spirol thread wraps.
Step Six
7. Next, wrap the ribbing material forward following the spiroled thread wraps. Trim off the excess Pheasant Tail and ribbing materials.
Step Seven
8. Reorient the hook once more, so that you can easily attach materials to the thorax area. Attach 8-10 Krystalflash fibers just in front of the abdomen. Do not crowd the bead, as the bead wil need to move back with material tied down in front of it. Step Eight
9. Next, attach 8-10 Pheasant Tail Fibers by the butt ends to the thorax position. Secure this material up to the end of the abdomen. Step Nine
10. Apply the ice dubbing to the thread and bring the first fibers up to the hook shank. Step Ten
11. Wrap an initial turn of dubbing arouind the shank to lock in the fibers. You can twist the ice dubbing into a tighter rope once those fibers are locked in. Then, dub a tight thorax leaving enough room to bring the bead back with room to spare for attaching materials in front of the bead. Whip Finish and trim off the thread.
Step Eleven
12. Push the bead back into the thorax material and reattach the thread in front of the bead.
Step Twelve
13. Pull the Pheasant Tail material over the thorax and bead and secure with thread wraps in front of the bead. Try to keep the Pheasant Tail fibers evenly distributed over the throax. Trim off the excess. Step Thirteen
14. Now, bring the Krystalflash over the same area and secure with two wraps of the thread in front of the bead. Place your scissors within the loop to assist in adjusting the loop size. Once you have your desired loop size, secure with thread wraps. Step Thirteen
15. Divide the butt ends of the Krystalflash into two groups, one on each side of the hook shank. Secure this position with thread wraps and whip finish. Trim the butt ends so that they do not extend beyond the thorax region. These represent the legs of the pattern. Step Thirteen

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