Tying Instructions: Brooks Sprout

1. Attach the thread to the midpoint of the shank and wrap a thread base to the bend of the hook where the shuck will be attached.
Step One
2. Tie in about a dozen Z-lon fibers for a shuck, adjust the length to about one shank length and secure with a couple thread wraps.
Step Two
3. Wrap the Z-lon with even thread wraps to the midpoint of the shank and trim the butts.
Step Three
4. Attach a stripped Black Ostrich herl by the tip at the tail tie-in location.
Step Four
5. Wrap the stripped Black Ostrich herl to the 3/4 position of the shank and secure with a couple of thread wraps. Trim off the tag end.
Step Five
6. Tie in the 1/16 Round Rainy foam. The height of the foam should be about the hook gap.
Step Six
7. Trim the butt end of the foam and secure with tight thread wraps. Place a few wraps in front of the foam post to lift it up.
Step Seven
8. Attach a Black Hackle by the butt to the foam wingpost.
Step Eight
9. Dub a thorax with the Superfine.
Step Nine
10. Wrap a parachute hackle with 3-4 wraps. Tie down and trim. Apply a few half hitches.
Step Ten
11. The foam post can be trimmed further if desired. Finish the fly with an application of head cement behind the eye.
Step Eleven

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