Tying Instructions: Anderson's Bird of Prey
1. Attach a bead to the hook and attach the thread behind the bead laying a thread base down to the midpoint of the bend in the hook.
Step One
2. At the midpoint of the bend, attach 10-15 Woodduck Flank Fibers for a tail. The tail should not extend beyond the hook. Bring a couple of thread wraps underneath the tail to lift the fibers from the hook shank. Next, attach a piece of flashabou for ribbing at the same location.
Step Two
3.Attach the dubbing to the tail tie-in location. Taper the dubbing so that it lays thin and gradually builds body.
Step Three
4. Dub a tapered body leaving about a beadhead amount of space behind the eye.
Step Four
5. Wrap the ribbing forward and tie-off.
Step Five
6. Attach Woodduck Flank fibers in front of the body. The fibers should not exceed the hook length and should be evenly-spaced around the shank. I find this easier by applying a small number of fibers 3-4 times. Use thread tension to help separate the fibers.
Step Six
7. This is my third batch of fibers to get full distribution around the shank. Trim the butt ends and secure.
Step Seven
8. Attach about 3 strands of peacock herl by the tips just behind the bead.
Step Eight
9. Wrap the herl to build up a thick head behind the bead. Tie-off and Whip Finish.
Step Nine

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