Tying Instructions: Bird's Stonefly

1.Wrap a layer of thread along the shank to the bend of the hook. Attach two Moose Hairs about half the shank length to the bend for a tail.
Step One
2. Attach a section of orange four-strand floss and wrap if about a quarter of the shank length. Secure with a thread wrap.
Step Two
3. Prepare a trimmed saddle hackle and attach the hackle to where the floss ended by the butt. Secure with thread wraps in front of the floss.
Step Three
4. Wrap the hackle about four times and secure with thread wraps. Trim the tag and cover this area with additional thread wraps in front of the floss.
Step Four
5. Wrap the floss forward to about the midpoint of the shank. Step Five
6.Attach the trimmed hackle again and wrap as done previously. Bring the floss up to the 3/4 position.
Step Six
7. Attach the trimmed hackle once more. Give four wraps and secure. Trim the butts and cover with thread wraps. Trim and secure the floss in front of the last trimmed hackle rib.
Step Seven
8. Clip some Natural Brown Bucktail and clean out the underfur. Even the tips in a stacker. Measure the small clump so that the wing extends just beyond the end of the hook. Attach the Bucktail in front of the trimmed hackle rib with a loop around the hair to keep it together. Aplly two soft loops to position the hair , then tighten. Trim the butts. Step Eight
9. Tightly secure the butt hairs with thread wraps. Step Nine
10.Attach a Furnace Hackle 1-2 sizes smaller than the hook in front of the trimmed hackle rib. Wrap a heavy hackle with 6-10 wraps. Secure and trim the butt.
Step Ten
11. Attach a pair of Moose Hairs for the antennae. Create a small head and whip finish. Apply some lacquer to both the tails and antennae as well as the head. Trim the hackle on top and bottom.
Step Eleven

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