Tying Instructions: Black Ghost
1. Start thread about 4/5 near hook eye. Build a thread base up to hook barb. Tie in the Yellow tail fibers, the tinsel and the floss. advance the thread to the 4/5 position.
Step One
2. Wrap the floss evenly up to the 4/5 position and secure.
Step Two
3. Wrap the tindel ribbing evenly spaced up to the 4/5 position and secure.
Step Three
4. With a small bundle of yellow hackles. Attach the bundle beneath the shank at the 4/5 position.
Step Four
5. Tie four olive-gray saddle hackles for the wings. Watch symmetry and length. Step Five
6. Attach a pair of Imitation Jungle Cock eyes for the cheeks.
Step Six

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