Tying Instructions: A.P. Nymph
1. Wrap lead wire from the midpoint of the shank to one eye width behind the eye. Squeeze the tag ends firmly against the shank with your finger nail.
Step One
2. Secure the lead wire with thread wraps and bring the thread to the bend of the hook, midway between the point and the barb for a thread foundation. Then wrap the thread back behind the lead wraps,
Step Two
3. Clip a section of Mallard Flank fibers. Attach the Mallard Flank so that the tips extend beyond the bend of the hook by about the hook shank length.
Step Three
4. Trim about half of the tips to thin out the tail and wrap the thread securing the flank fibers to the top of the shank up to the midpoint of the barb and point (Tail tie-in position). Place a couple of thread wraps under the tail to lift and spread the fibers.
Step Four
5. Attach a ribbing wire parallel to the hook shank on the tier's side. Dub the thread at the base of the tail with Olive Dyed Beaver fur. Step Five
6. The dubbing is wrapped around the shank up to the lead wire wraps.
Step Six
7. Wrap the ribbing forward with spiral wraps and secure with thread wraps. Only the abdomen gets ribbed.
Step Seven
8. Trim off the tag end of the ribbing in front of the wingcase and secure with thread wraps. Apply dubbing to the thread for a thorax.
Step Eight
9. Dub a thorax that is about twice as thick as the abdomen. Keep about an eye width behind the eye open.
Step Nine
10. Pull the Mallard Flank over the thorax for a wingcase and secure with 6-7 thread wraps up to just behind the eye.Separate a few fibers from the tag end of the eingcase and secure the fibers with thread wraps so that the fibers sweep along the sides of the shank. These will be the legs. Trim off the remaining Mallard Flank .
Step Ten
11. Head is dubbed with a very small amount of dubbing, and the legs are clipped off just to the rear of the thorax. Whip finish . The wingcase of the A.P. Olive should be darkened with a marker pen.
Step Ten

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