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Olive over Gray (Baby Rainbows)
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The Double Bunny was designed by Scott Sanchez about twenty years ago. He got the idea in Belize while fishing for Barracuda while he was tying 'Cuda flies. Back home at Jackson, Wyoming, Scott tied up a few and found that they were a perfect streamer for trout as well. In fact, Scott has caught over 30 species with the Double Bunny. The Double Bunny was the Jackson One-Fly Contest winner in '92, '93, and '94, and then, they decided to disqualify the fly since it was too effective. Coneheads were introduced to the pattern by Orvis. The fly is best used with a 7 wt rod with a sink-tip or sinking line. The eyes applied to the fly help keep short strikes to a minimum as the trout will key upon the eyes for direction of movement. The most popular colorations are: Chinchilla over White (Baby Whitefish), Olive over Gray (Baby Rainbows), Natural Brown over Ginger (Baby Browns), Black over Yellow (low light) and Dark Gray over Chinchilla (Small Trout) . Try the Chinchilla over White to imitate the Sacramento Perch Fry at Lake Crowley.


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Double Bunny
Black over Yellow
Double Bunny
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Double Bunny
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