Butt Valley Reservoir

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Butt Valley Reservoir
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Suggested Flies for Butt Valley Reservoir:

Woolly Bugger #4-10
Krystal Buggers #4-10
Mohair Leech #8-10
Clouser Minnow #8-10
Marabou Muddler #4-10
Wiggle-Tail #10

Beadhead Nymphs:
Beadhead Bird's Nest
Lightning Bug
Prince Nymph
Hare's Ear Nymph

Hex Flies:
Burk's Hex Nymph #4-6
Milt's Hex Para-dun #6

Pond Smelt Patterns:
Burke's Hot Flash Minnow
Milt's Pond Smelt #2
Lite Brite Minnow

Directions: From Lake Almanor, take Hwy 89 to the turnoff marked "Butt Valley Reservoir". The road is Prattville/Butt Valley Reservoir and it travels along the reservoir and continues on to the town of Caribou.

Butt Valley Reservoir (Elevation: 4125 feet) , is known for it's trophy-size Rainbow and Brown trout averaging about 18". A fair population of Smallmouth Bass also exist and will hit most of the leech patterns and buggers. Most of the fishing takes place at the north end of the lake near the estuary. Take the gravel road across Butt Creek and park near the powerhouse. A trail will take youi to the water. A small peninsula extends into the estuary with Butt Creek on one side and the water from the powerhouse on the other. On the west side of the peninsula there are pond smelt that have been traveled through the tunnel and powerhouse from Lake Almanor. Many of these smelt are stunned and crippled. The large Rainbows and Browns hang around the powerhouse waiting for the ejecting smelt. Dead drift the pond smelt pattern on a floating line with a long leader. Twist the body of the pond smelt so that it floats on it's side in the surface film. On the East side of the peninsula, Butt Creek feeds into the Reservoir and the trout like to inhabit it's cooler waters. Try using small Beadhead Nymphs with an indicator and Streamers on an intermediate line.Butt Valley Reservoir
Another access point is Ponderosa Flat Campground. An overflow area exists next to it providing access to the water for float tubers or you can camp at this location and use it as your access to the lake. About one mile south of the campground is the Ray Adams Boat Launch. This area has ample parking and provides good access for float tubing. This area has good fishing within the weedbeds but it's better across the lake on the western shore.
For the smallies, go to the end of the lake near the stumps, especially during the early morning and evening hours. A road forks off just before the dam providing parking and access to the water.
A Hex hatch occurs in mid-June through most of July. Nymphs begin to emerge about 45 minutes before dark and will continue into the night. You can fish the hex nymphs primarily but switch to the paraduns when you actually see the hexes on the water. Let the pattern sit for a bit, then strip about 6 inches and pause. Using 3X leaders/tippets is recommended as the strikes can be explosive. Most of the hex hatches occur near the Dam.

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